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Toilet Paper Roll Circumference: What Is It and How to Calculate?

The circumference of a toilet paper roll defines the measurement of the number of toilet papers a toilet paper roll has and it signifies the distance around the outer edge of the roll.

The circumference is variable and it can be calculated by multiplying the diameter of the roll with Pie (π), C= π x d (here, C is Circumference and d is Diameter).

The average circumference for the Core is 6 inch or 15.24 cm and the Roll varies depending on the number of sheets or the diameter, approximately 15-50 inch or 40-200 cm.

Toilet Paper Roll Circumference Calculator

What Is The Circumference Of A Toilet Paper Roll?

Toilet Paper Roll Circumference refers to the distance starting from one point on the edge of a roll and looping all the way around back to the same point. Knowing such a measurement can be handy for different purposes like guessing how much sheet is there, ensuring proper fit on a toilet paper holder, and managing supply well. The larger the circumference, the more toilet paper sheets are available on the roll.

Generally, toilet paper roll has a circumference between 5 and 95 inches or 12 and 240 cm. Most of them are designed to fit within this range.

However, the measurement varies based on-

  • The dimensions: Bigger the dimensions, bigger the circumference.
  • Thickness: Thicker the layers of paper, larger the roll diameter, and bigger the circumference.
  • Number of sheets: More the sheets per layer, thicker the roll, and bigger the circumference.
  • Brand of the rolls: Different brands have variations in their manufacturing processes. This affects the dimensions and the circumference.

While the diameter is something primary that directly influences the circumference, other factors contribute to it indirectly.

We can calculate the circumference of a toilet paper roll with the formula for the circumference of a circle.

C = πd 


  • C is the circumference,
  • π (pi) is a mathematical constant roughly equal to 3.14, and
  • d is the diameter.
what is the circumference of a toilet paper roll

Average Length Of Toilet Paper Roll

We can express the length of a toilet paper roll in two ways. One when wound, one when unwound.

Standard toilet paper roll usually ranges from 3.7 to 6 inches long. Although most brands keep the length around 4.5 inches, recently, it shrunk to 3.7 inches. This measurement refers to the compressed length when the paper is tightly wound around the cardboard core.

Unwound length of a toilet paper roll can be around 900 inches. This is when the paper is pulled from the roll and measured in a straight line. The toilet paper, when stretched out, represents the actual amount of paper to be used. 

However, the size varies based on the brand, number of sheets per roll, diameter, sheet size, thickness, and layers.

Average Width Of Toilet Paper Roll

As long as it’s standard, the toilet paper roll can be between 3.8 and 4.7 inches wide. It’s often referred to as “width across”. Just like the length, the average width comes in around 4.5 inches. However, some have been shrunk to 4.1 inches.

Many specialty rolls can be wider, narrower, or thicker and this can affect the overall circumference of the roll.

Average Diameter Of Toilet Paper Roll

The diameter of toilet paper roll comes ranging from 3.9 to 5 inches with average being around 4.5 inches. Here, the core diameter of around 1 to 2 inches is included as well.

This is basically the distance across the circular cross-section. And it’s the key factor that contributes to the circumference directly.

The larger the diameter (bigger circle), the larger the circumference (longer distance around) and vice versa.

However, the diameter can vary depending on the thickness, core’s inner diameter, girth, and brand.

 How To Calculate Toilet Paper Roll Circumference?

The only way to get the circumference of a toilet paper roll is with its radius or diameter.

1. By Using Radius

We can calculate the circumference through multiplying the number of radii by 2 and π (pi). The radius is the distance from the midpoint of a toilet paper roll to the edge. It’s half the roll’s diameter.

So, the formula is-

C= π x 2 x r

Here, the value of pi i.e. π is 3.14 and r is the radius.

So, it’ll be 3.14 x 2r.

Let’s say, the radius of Quilted Northern toilet paper roll is 2.65 inches. In that case, its circumference is 3.14 x 2 x 2.65 = 16.64 inches (approx.)

calculate toilet paper roll circumference by using radius

2. By Using Diameter

We can get the circumference through multiplying the number of diameters by π (pi). The diameter is the distance across the circular cross-section of the roll, passing through the center. If we know the radius, we can know the diameter by doubling the “r” up.

So, the formula is-

C= π x d

Here, d is diameter.

For instance, the diameter of a Scott toilet paper roll is around 4.6 inches. So, the circumference should be 3.14 × 4.6 = 14.4 inches (approx.)

In short, it’s important to know the diameter or radius of the roll to calculate the circumference. This way, we can find out the distance a single revolution of the roll covers. Whether it’s for tracking how much toilet paper is left or making sure to get the roll that can fit our holder properly, such a measurement comes into play. 

calculate toilet paper roll circumference by using diameter

Circumference For The Common Toilet Paper Brands

Different brands have their own distinctive characteristics when it comes to the size of toilet paper rolls. The dimensions or the circumference vary from one brand to the other. To select the right roll that fits perfectly into your bathroom setup, make sure to understand these differences.

Although several brands sell toilet paper rolls, I’ll delve into some common ones. Let’s check them out. 

1. Scott Toilet Paper Roll Circumference

Scott is widely recognized in the field of personal hygiene. The circumference of most standard Scott toilet paper rolls is 14.4 inches. For instance, Kimberly Clark Professional Scott Standard.

2. Charmin Toilet Paper Roll Circumference

Charmin is basically known for its mega toilet paper rolls. The circumference of most their products is around 38 inches. For instance, Charmin Forever Roll.

3. Angel Soft Toilet Paper Roll Circumference

Angel Soft boasts about having the ideal balance of softness and strength in their toilet paper roll. The circumference of most of their rolls is around 16.5 inches. For instance, Angel Soft 2-Ply Toilet Paper.

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