how to clean toto washlet

How to Clean Toto Washlet? 6 Easy Steps

A Toto washlet is an electronic bidet seat developed by the Toto brand in 1980. Toto is a Japanese sanitaryware company that is famous for their advanced sanitary products, including toilets. 

A Toto washlet cleans the user’s intimate body parts with a gentle stream of warm water, which is remote-controlled by the users. Also, it has the feature of drying the area with warm air. Some models like the Toto S550e, Toto S670e, and Toto G500 have the features of heated seats, deodorizer, and nightlights. 

Toto washlets perform at their best and stay long-lasting if cleaned regularly. Also, they must be cleaned regularly to prevent mold and bacteria growth, which will help keep the toilet experience hygienic.

Some equipment is a must to clean the Toto washlet, such as mild detergents that won’t damage the toilet surface, a bucket for carrying water, and microfiber cloths to clean the washlet seat. Before cleaning, some precautionary steps should be taken, such as unplugging the electronic bidet seat and wearing gloves to protect your skin from germs and chemicals.

Firstly, start cleaning with the bidet seat and the lid. Eventually, clean the gap between the toilet and seat, the gap between the washlet and lid, the deodorizer filter and the drain valve, and lastly, clean the wand. Again, you can remove the washlet bidet seat by pressing the button behind the washlet bidet seat before cleaning the Toto washlet.

What Can I Use To Clean My Toto Washlet?

To clean the Toto washlet, some equipment is very essential to safely clean the toilet bidet seats. These tools will help you to save the seat surface also necessary to clean sensitive equipment like filters and valves. 

  1. Microfiber Cloths
  2. Gloves
  3. A Toothbrush
  4. Bucket 
  5. Mild Detergent
  6. Screwdriver(Flat head) 

How To Clean Toto Washlet?

The primary task will be to unplug the washlet seat before starting the cleaning procedure. As the toto washlet is an electronic bidet seat, cleaning with continuing power supply can cause unwanted shock to you. 

These below steps will help you to perform the cleaning process more efficiently.  

Cleaning Washlet Bidet Seat and Lid

First, the microfiber cloth will be soaked with clean water. After soaking the cloth, the water needs to be ringed. It’s important to ring till damp because the washlet bidet seat is protected with Toto’s clear resin. 

An over-wet cloth, dry cloth, paper towel, or scrub pad can damage the clear resin. Clean resin is a silicone-based alloy that protects the seat from dirt and stickiness. The damaged resin will make the seat porous and rough, declining the seat’s quality. But incase of heavily soiled seats, a mild detergent can be used to clean the surface with gentle pressure along with the microfiber cloth. 

cleaning washlet bidet seat and lid

Note: Harsh cleaners like acidic, benzene, or powder cleanser are restricted in the cleaning procedure. 

Cleaning the Gap between the Toilet and Washlet Bidet Seat

The washlet bidet seat needs to be removed to clean the gap. There’s a quick-release button on the right side of the seat for this particular task. After pressing the button, you must gently pull the seat toward yourself. 

Note: Avoid harsh pulling as the water supply hose and power cord are attached behind the washlet seat. 

The task after that is easy. Using the microfiber cloth, the gap between the neck of the bowl and the damp can be cleaned thoroughly. The washlet bidet seat is also movable on the right and left sides. Also, you can adjust the movement of the seat to clean it further. 

After cleaning the gap, the bidet seat must be centered on the base plate and sliding backward gently until a clicking sound is heard. The clicking sound ensures that the seat has mounted correctly.

cleaning the gap between the toilet and washlet bidet seat

Cleaning the Gap between the Washlet Bidet Seat and Its Lid

Removing the bidet seat lid needs more attention. A slight tilt forward and a gentle pulling will remove the lid from the left side outward. It will simply disconnect the hinge from the tab, and a gentle pulling up will remove the lid from the left side. 

Disconnected left side lid will make the process easier on the right side. Cleaning the gap between the washlet and the lids will be easier than ever now. To attach the lid again, the pin and hinge of the right side are easier to connect at first. A gentle push down on the right side will easily attach the lid according to the hinge.

Note: The user must be careful because the procedure may pinch the finger while attaching the lid. 

Cleaning the Deodorizer Filter 

The deodorizer filter is located on the right side of the bidet seat. A simple pull-off will take the filter out from the bidet seat. Cleaning the deodorizer filter with a toothbrush will help to remove the dust and harsh dirt from the surface of the filter.

Before reinstalling the filter, you need to ensure the filter is completely dry because the filter is designed to absorb odor which can be disrupted by moisture.

Cleaning the Filter Drain Valve

Before cleaning the filter drain valve, the water shutoff valve needs to be turned off. Without turning off the valve, cleaning the filter drain valve will leak out water. Now, using the wand option in the remote, you can extend the wand. Then at the back of the left side of the seat, there will be the covered filter drain valve.

Using the flat-head screwdriver, removing the water filter valve is easy. You will need to screw anti-clockwise to pull out the filter valve. Again, the toothbrush will help to remove all the dust from the back of the filter valve. After the cleaning procedure, screwing clockwise will fit the filter valve right into place. 

cleaning the filter drain valve

Cleaning the Wand

The remote control has a specific option for wand cleaning, which can be discovered from the cleaning option inside the menu bar. After extending the wand, you can clean the wand gently with the microfiber cloth.

Note: Don’t push, pull or press harshly on the wand, which can cause damage to the functionality of the wand. 

cleaning the wand

Following these easy 6 steps will help to clean the toto washlet efficiently. 

How To Remove Toto Washlet For Cleaning?

The toto washlet bidet seat can be completely removed from the toilet as well. Removing the washlet seat for cleaning these 5 steps will make the process easier. 

  1. The washlet needs to be unplugged from the power outlet to avoid unwanted shocks.
  2. Then at first, the lids should be removed from the washlet bidet seat.
  3. There are two latches to press down to lift the washlet off the toilet bowl. 
  4. The user must be steady while pulling because the electric wires and hose are attached below the seat.
  5. Once the cleaning is done, the washlet bidet seat can be reinstalled by positioning back in place. 

Why Does My Toto Washlet Smell Bad?

One of the fundamental reasons for bad odor from the toto washlet is the dirty deodorizer filter or a damaged deodorizer cartridge. Regular cleaning is required to make the filter and cartridge functional. 

Besides, if the deodorizer cartridge is damaged, then replacement is the only solution to get rid of the bad odor. The cartridge is located on the back side of the washlet bidet seat. 

To explore the cleaning position, the bidet seat needs to be pulled out by pressing the “quick release button.” After the bidet seat comes out, replace the cartridge beneath the deodorizer cover. Using the screwdriver, the cover can be pulled out easily. 

At last, the cartridge can be removed and replaced to eliminate the bad smell from the Toto washlet. 

How Often To Clean Toto Toilet Washlet?

One of the most effective habits will be cleaning the toto washlet seat once a month. Because the inside features such as filter and valves get dirty and the dirt will pile up, which will cause malfunctions and bad odor from the washlet bidet seat.

Besides, when you are regularly using the washlet seat, it needs to be cleaned. Not cleaning the toto washlet seat regularly will increase the possibility of germs and mold growth. To avoid such situations and for a hygienic experience on the toilet, regular cleaning is compulsory.

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